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The KEY To A Virus Free Car


If your daily routine includes a lot of time behind the wheel or in the back seat, you may be considering better ways to better protect your self from the Coronavirus especially if you are involved in ride-sharing.

When it comes to disinfecting your cars interior, its imperative to use products with non-alcohol bases; as such products can leave behind unwanted and unintentional damage. 

The good news is that its actually fairly simple in terms of keeping your vehicle virus free as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. 

So what exactly is the KEY to keeping your car virus FREE?

Good ole SOAP!

Soap chemically interacts with the surface of any any virus in a way that ultimately ends up destroying the virus within a few short seconds. 

Fortunately, soap is a key ingredient in many easily obtained items such has hand or dish soap, makeup removal wipes, and much more. Now if you're all stocked up on your interior detailing armada of products, then you're most likely all set in terms of having the correct products to wipe down each individual surface. In the event that you are not, most cars interiors are made almost entirely of leather and simple make up removal wipes are perfect for wiping down and disinfecting leather surfaces. These skin care wipes contain moisturizes that both promotes healthy skin care and boosts leather by not allowing it to dry out. 

Alcohol, detergent, and bleach based cleaners have the ability to dry out most car interiors. A good rule of thumb when deciding to use a product or not is to use it on one of your fingers. If it ultimately ends up leaving your skin dry, chances are it will also dry out your cars interior surfaces as well which is something you definitely want to avoid. 

Furthermore, dissolving a soap in a bucket of water will be your best bet when it comes down to eradicating the Coronavirus or even any virus in general that potentially lurks within your car

When efficiently disinfecting your cars interior, keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid bleach and solvents at ALL COSTS.
  • Simple dish or hand soap is KEY to killing any virus in your car.
  • When in doubt, test products on a surface that is not easily seen first. 
  • Wipe off what you wipe on. You don't want to leave in excess of chemicals on your cars interior surfaces.  
  • Prioritize surface you touch most first such has the steering wheel, knobs, switches, gas cap, etc.

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