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How To Care For Microfiber Detailing Tools

To maintain a scratch-free shine on your vehicle, caring for your microfibre towels is crucial. Proper washing and drying techniques ensure the towels last longer, stay soft, and produce better results. This complete guide includes tips on separating towels by usage, using the right washing solution, choosing correct wash settings, drying on low heat, and storing towels properly. Follow these steps to keep your microfibre towels in top condition and achieve optimal results on your next detailing job.

The KEY To A Virus Free Car

If you spend a lot of time in your car, especially if you use ride-sharing services, you may be concerned about protecting yourself from the coronavirus. To disinfect your car's interior, it's important to avoid using alcohol-based products, as these can cause damage to surfaces. Instead, the best way to keep your car virus-free is to use soap, which chemically interacts with the surface of any virus and destroys it within a few seconds. Soap is found in many common household items, such as hand or dish soap and makeup removal wipes. When disinfecting your car, prioritize the surfaces you touch most often, such as the steering wheel and knobs, and avoid using bleach or solvents, which can dry out your car's interior.