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About Us

Created by car aficionados for car aficionados.
One of the best ways to help maintain a cars value is by detailing it at least four times per month. Detailing is often times an overlooked aspect of car ownership that not only helps to maintain the vehicles value but also helps to sustain a sleek and show car shine look.
If not done correctly with the right tools in hand, the detailing process can be a nightmare in terms of ruining your cars delicate paint work with unwanted swirls, scratches, and streak marks. 
While in the midst of detailing your car, it's imperative that every car owner takes in to account of the quality of the product they are using as no one wants to ruin their delicate paint work with cheap and low grade products.

The use of any ordinary detailing product such as mitts, towels, fine brushes, foam cannons, and so on always has the potential to damage your vehicles delicate paint work by dragging along potential dust and grime that clings to any vehicles surface and creating noticeable scratches and swirls, immediately becoming unattractive to any car owner or bystander. 

We set out to solve this issue once and for all...;
With the help of countless industry leading super car detailers from around the world, we have endured an endless quest to create superior detailing products like never before seen that exceed the highest professional grade standards of detailing. 

Revived FLARE detailing products are developed and tested with these clinical grade standards in mind:
We created detailing products that beat the industry standard by creating them with materials and designs that are incredibly absorbent, durable yet gentle, ergonomic, and safe to use even on the most delicate surfaces with the lightest of forces. What does this result in you may ask? - The perfect show car shine, every time, just like the first day it rolled off the lot.

At Revived FLARE, we aim to REVIVE every cars original exterior and interior look, ultimately resulting in a FLARING eye catching car, sure to turn every passer by's head.
Recently, Revived FLARE, under went a rebranding to best fit our modo and to showcase and tailor to our main profession; Detailing!


𝙓  Regular towels towels, wash mitts, fine detailing brushes, and etc capture and drag hard particles along the surface, resulting in un-called for swirls and scratches. 

𝙓  The material of regular microfiber towels and wash mitts tend to be harsh and abrasive due to the low quality materials used to make the item. This often times results in marring or a "hazed" look on your vehicles delicate paint work along with unwanted water marks on a freshly cleaned surface.

𝙓  Most detailing products don't evenly distribute foam across the vehicles surface or worst yet, hardly absorb any water and slosh around water instead, causing you to loose loads of valuable time.

𝙓  Regular foam cannons never distribute foam evenly across a cars surface, which often times causes bad results when detailing

𝙓 Ordinary Detailing products often times are created with weird and unpleasant designs to hold while getting the job done, causing your wrists and hands to be sore.

𝙓  Overall regular detailing products just suck.., badly.


✔️ Our wash mitts, towels, and etc are designed and crafted with soft blends of microfiber yarn at the forefront that undergo a special split and weave process to further remove any possible imperfections, further reducing the risk of damaging and delicate paint work.

✔️Each of our microfiber products consist of a special and unique weave. This weave is literally the key to a successful detailing session as each weave has the ability to pull micro-particles and water into the deep fibers and away from the vehicles surface as it glides over, eliminating the risk for scratches and swirls.

✔️ Our foam cannons are like no other in terms of producing the most evenly distributed, thick and distinct coats of foam on your car to remove and unstick any possible damaging particles stuck to the paint work.

✔️Light downwards force is all thats needed when drying your car and washing it with a wash mitt thanks to out patented microfibers weaves. Silky soft suede edging also further eliminates the potential for micro-scratches and marring as no loose and open ends will be visible.

✔️ We seal our products in dust free and water resistant packaging to avoid particles from contaminating our detailing products during shipping and handling.